Qryptal can be used to make any document tamper-proof and easily verifiable. Every day organisations issue a multitude of documents and we have found that most can easily be tampered. This is due to easy availability of software, scanners and high quality printers. This is not just a theoretical risk - we come across tampering and fraud cases every day from nearly every region.

With Qryptal you can secure all documents which could be presented to a third party. Further the integration is quick and since the code is self-contained, there are hardly any on-going maintenance expenses.
Apart from various industry specific use cases, nearly every organisation can use Qryptal to secure these documents:
  • Pay-slips / Pay stubs: These are often submitted as part of loan applications to third parties
  • Appointment Letters: Issued to a new employee at the point of joining
  • Experience Letters: Issued to leaving employees