Secure QR Code Integration | Integrate QR Code Authentication to Documents

At its core, our technology makes any document tamper-proof and instantly verifiable by a third party in a server-less architecture.

Qryptal's solution plugs into existing document production systems and generates a highly secure digital signature with embedded data to be placed on the document as a barcode. After that, anyone can instantly verify the credibility of the information, through an App on their smartphone.

This novel architecture provides many benefits:

  • Server-less: this enables the solution to scale and also makes it virtually maintenance free. Since there are no servers, once the document is issued - no further infrastructure is required needed to keep it verifiable
  • Security: Based on PKI, it is much more secure than typical internet banking
  • Off-line Verification: Since the Qryptal code is self-contained, no network connectivity is needed to validate the information
  • Works for electronic as well as printed documents: The Qryptal code has a physical embodiment (barcode) which makes it transcend both electronic and printed copies of the document
  • Privacy: Qryptal helps safeguard and protect the privacy of the customer and institution in an uncomplicated logical manner
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Secure QR Code Integration | Integrate QR Code Authentication to Documents


We have designed our solutions to provide flexible integration options depending upon customer needs and the configuration of their existing systems.

Primarily there are three kinds of integration options to choose from:

Qryptal Secure QR Code Only: The Qryptal Generator provides the code graphic image file which can be integrated into document by the customer’s document production system. The Qryptal Generator can provide different sizes of the code to enable easier incorporation and avoid error-prone image resizing. This is the most common and preferred integration method which provides maximum level of flexibility to customers.

Finished Document PDF (not available for on-premise): This requires creating a document template and importing it into the Qryptal Generator. After the template has been imported, the Qryptal Generator will not only generate the code but also create the PDF of the finished document with the code and the variable data. This option is useful if the customer does not already have such a system.

Secure Document Generation and Management (not available for on-premise): This option not only generates the finished PDF but also provides an end user UI for your staff to generate secure documents on demand or on a bulk batch mode basis.



There are three validation options available:

Document Validator App: This App is maintained by us and has a mechanism to add customer public key for validation. Validation as well as any decryption for EDC attachments is done on the device with full privacy.

Custom App/Existing App: We provide the Qryptal Mobile Validation SDK to embed validation functionality within an iOS or Android App.

Qryptal Validation Server: This provides an API which accepts file image uploads and returns the Qryptal Secure QR Code details. This is useful for automated processing of inbound documents containing Qryptal codes. An example use case is of insurance policy holders uploading scanned receipts for the processing of claims.

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