Create QR Codes - Cloud or On Premise

At its core, our technology makes any document tamper-proof and instantly verifiable by a third party in a server-less architecture.

Qryptal's solution plugs into existing document production systems and generates a highly secure digital signature with embedded data to be placed on the document as a barcode. After that, anyone can instantly verify the credibility of the information, through an App on their smartphone.

This novel architecture provides many benefits:

  • Server-less: this enables the solution to scale and also makes it virtually maintenance free. Since there are no servers, once the document is issued - no further infrastructure is required needed to keep it verifiable
  • Security: Based on PKI, it is much more secure than typical internet banking
  • Off-line Verification: Since the Qryptal code is self-contained, no network connectivity is needed to validate the information
  • Works for electronic as well as printed documents: The Qryptal code has a physical embodiment (barcode) which makes it transcend both electronic and printed copies of the document
  • Privacy: Qryptal helps safeguard and protect the privacy of the customer and institution in an uncomplicated logical manner
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Create QR Codes - Cloud or On Premise

Depending upon customer needs, Qryptal supports the full range of deployment options:

  • On-premise Software: Qryptal software is run in-house,on customer servers in their own data centers or on their cloud
  • Qryptal Cloud: Customer applications make API calls to our cloud infrastructure
  • Hybrid: some components are run in-house while the rest leverage the Qryptal Cloud
Product Cloud Options On-Premise (in customer data-center or cloud)
Qryptal Generator: For generating digitally signed Qryptal Secure QR Codes Code revocation and chaining API is included Qryptal Cloud Linux 64-bit1 Windows 64-bit
Qryptal Validation Server: For programmatically (API) validating digitally signed Qryptal Secure QR Codes Qryptal Cloud Linux 64-bit1
ADR Object Store: For EDC, code-chaining & revocation AWS S3 (customer’s account) Linux 64-bit1
ADR Reverse Proxy: For front-ending ADR Object Store in the DMZ N.A. Linux 64-bit1

1 Most Linux distributions supported with the following:

  • - Supports TLS/HTTP2 with TLS Mutual Authentication option for intergation with API Gateways
  • - No database or other dependencies for core operations: download and run
  • - Multi-threaded for concurrent API Calls
  • - Multiple instances can be run to scale to any desired capacity

Please contact us in order to schedule a discussion to determine the best deployment option for your use case.

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