Simple pricing structure

Qryptal wants to make it relatively simple and cost effective for organisations to start using our services for securing their documents.

To help you get familiar with Qryptal’s technology and the benefits of using it for your requirements, the first 10,000 codes that you generate on the cloud will be free!

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The pricing structure is based on volume of usage and you automatically get lower pricing as your volumes increase.

  • - This pricing schedule applies to both PDC & EDC codes - though for EDC, the ADR Object Store is required.
  • - Contact us for invoicing options if you are unable to pay by credit card.
  • - Premium 24x7 support and special government pricing available
  • - All prices in USD

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Code Generation Pricing

Cloud API

Based on monthly volumes
Starts at:




• Includes standard email support for one designated contact • Above pricing has no minimum commitments • Get better pricing by providing firm commitments • Start using now: first 10,000 codes are free! Yes, really!  
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qr code pricing
Code Generation Pricing

On Premise

Based on volumes
Starts from:



10,000 codes

• Excess at $0.50/code • Includes email & phone support for two designated contacts • One-time Setup fee: $2,500 • Get better pricing by committing larger volumes • Contact for unlimited plans    
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Other Products and Services:
Document Validator App for iOS & Android Available as a free download to all customers and third-parties for validation
Qryptal Mobile Validation SDK for iOS & Android Optional This enables you to embed the Document Validator App functionality within your own existing or new App. Contact us for pricing
Qryptal Validation Server Available for Cloud and On-Premise Optional Enables automated validation of documents containing the Qryptal Secure QR Code. This is useful for bulk and/or straight through processing of incoming documents. Example - users uploading receipts for claims processing. Contact us for pricing
Qryptal ADR Object Store Available for Cloud and On-Premise Optionally you can connect to your own AWS S3 account Not needed for PDC but required for Code Revocation, Chaining and storage of EDC Attachments
Cloud On-Premise
First 5GB - free Additional: $1/GB per month If using your own AWS S3 account then you pay charges directly to AWS Contact us for pricing
Code with PDF Generation Available for Cloud only This provides an API to not only generate the Qryptal Secure QR Code but also create the entire ready to use PDF based on your templates. Cloud : - $3,500 (Upto 2,500 documents/year) - Additional at $600 per 1000 documents - Includes standard email support for one designated contact

Frequently asked questions

A Few queries we come across everyday, let's connect to get into more details.

In case of cloud API, the Qryptal generator is hosted by Qryptal on Amazon Cloud Service (AWS) and the customer is provided a log in to their account to use it as required. In case of On Premise, one or multiple instances of the Generator are run on the customer’s computer systems directly.