The simpler approach to secure and verify documents.

Qryptal is a simple and reliable system to add digitally signed secure QR Codes to documents for document verification. Makes your documents secure, instantly verifiable and amenable to automated processing.

Save time verifying documents.
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Qryptal explained in TWO MINUTES

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At its core, our technology makes any PDF document tamper-proof and instantly verifiable by a third party in a server-less architecture.

Qryptal’s solution plugs into existing PDF document production systems and generates a highly secure digital signature with embedded data to be placed on the document as a barcode. After that, anyone can instantly verify the credibility of the information, through an App on their smartphone.

This novel architecture provides many benefits:

  • Server-less: this enables the solution to scale and also makes it virtually maintenance free. Since there are no servers, once the PDF document is issued - no further infrastructure is required needed to keep it verifiable.

  • Security: Based on PKI, it is much more secure than typical internet banking

  • Off-line Verification: Since the Qryptal code is self-contained, no network connectivity is needed to validate the information.

  • Works for electronic as well as printed PDF documents: The Qryptal code has a physical embodiment (barcode) which makes it transcend both electronic and printed copies of the PDF document.

  • Privacy: Qryptal helps safeguard and protect the privacy of the customer and institution in an uncomplicated logical manner

The essential workflow for deploying Qryptal is to integrate with the Qryptal Generator API so that the Qryptal Secure QR Code can be generated and seamlessly added to your documents in order to enable easy validation.

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For validation, users can install the Document Validator App. You can try the following steps to install it on your mobile phone:

  1. On your mobile, visit and install the app
  2. After the app has been installed, scan the code below:

qr code

Sample PDF Document with Qryptal Code

The secure code is digitally signed by the organisation’s private key. The keys are generated initially as part of setup. The mobile app uses the organisation’s public key to validate the digital signature. Further, the entire code is compressed specifically to create the smallest possible QR Code size. Contact us to learn more about this.
The Qryptal Generator offers a REST API which can be called from nearly any programming language/system. Free signup is also available to try the API.

Qryptal Secure QR Codes are of two types:

  • Primary Data Codes (PDC): These are self- contained codes which encapsulate all the information within the code itself. The recommended capacity of these codes is about 2,000 characters - enough for a textual bank account statement like the sample given above.
  • Extended Data Codes (EDC): These codes can also contain attachments like images and PDF files. The attachments are encrypted and stored as BLOBS in object store. The decryption key and their fingerprints are stored within the QR. This prevents any subsequent tampering of the codes.

Both the codes can be revoked or chained with a new code.

The easiest way to understand our technology is by signing up for a free trial account.

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