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Qryptal European Union Digital Covid Certificate Solutions

Qryptal software supports fully compliant generation of EU DCC QR Codes for Vaccination, Recovery and Test certificates. These solutions are meant for governments and national authorities.


The solutions on this page are meant for governments looking into secure large scale solutions for:

  • Issuing Covid-19 Vaccination Certificates to their citizens
  • Validating Covid-19 Vaccination and Recovery Certificates issued by themselves and by other countries


At Qryptal we have been working on secure QR codes since 2011. Our customers have been using our digitally signed secure QR code solutions at scale since 2015.

Last few months there have been breakneck developments in our industry as countries are trying to figure out how to open safely after achieving significant vaccination. Many countries and organisations have been trying to cobble together their own solutions and we have been tracking nearly all such projects.

In our opinion, among such projects, the EU Digital Covid Certificates project (earlier called EU Digital Green Certificates) offers the best option for all countries to use as an interoperable covid certificate standard because:

  • it is an open standard and specifications are openly published and available to all without any hindrances
  • the digitally signed QR code can be validated offline
  • it is PKI based and each country has full control over which public keys to accept
  • it is well thought in terms of contents which enables each country to decide on their own business rules and policies(eg. which vaccine is considered effective after how many days)
  • it supports not only vaccination certificates but also recovery and Covid-19 test certificates
  • it generates a compact QR code (unlike many other such initiatives which have not at all taken into account how to make a compact QR code)

The EU DCC standard is now being used by about 34 countries today: all the 27 EU member states and 7 other countries. There are no restrictions and other countries (including those outside EU) can also adopt this standard to enable easy interoperability.

Qryptal has been involved in this project from early days:

  • we have supported the EU DCC community by maintaining the CI/CD pipeline for checking of standards compliance of test certificates issued by governments
  • we have added EU DCC generation capabilities to the high performance on-premise Qryptal Generator software
  • we have added EU DCC verification capabilities to the versatile Qryptal Validation SDK which works across multiple platforms like Linux, Windows, iOS and Android

Both Qryptal Generator and Validation SDK are in production use at country scale since July 2021

If you are:

  • a government or health authority: our software and expertise will enable you to roll out EU DCC compliant certificate generation and validation rapidly.
  • a Covid-19 Validation App provider: the Qryptal Validation SDK can help you add EU DCC validation capabilities in days!

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