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Preventing documents tampering

Educational certificates and documents play a critical role in a person’s life and career. It starts with the first job or application to another institution of learning and continues through subsequent employment changes, global transfers requiring work and employment passes and so on. The ability to trust these documents and the information contained in them is essential to establish a person’s credentials and to help in making the right selection.

Educational document fraud is very rampant and is typically done to improve credentials and eligibility for opportunities which would otherwise be denied to the candidate. Under normal circumstances, the process followed to verify the authenticity of these documents, is to log in or send an e-mail query to the issuing institution which then checks its database to confirm the information. In the best of circumstances this requires money, time and effort. In the worst case scenario, the databases being low scrutiny databases are themselves subject to manipulation by unscrupulous elements and therefore return an answer that is taken as the truth but is actually incorrect. This has significant costs for the institutions relying on this information for their decision processes. Some examples are given below-

qr code for university degrees

Qryptal provides an elegant solution for easy validation of educational credentials and for preventing such document frauds. Once the information is finalised, just prior to the final printing of the document, it is sent to the Qryptal generator which returns a digitally signed secure QR code containing the information to be verified. This is placed on the document which can be subsequently scanned and the contents verified using the document validator app available on the app store and Google play store

A schematic diagram of how a document with the Qryptal code would look is given below-

qr code for marksheets qr code for transcripts

Using such document verification system offers significant benefits

  • - It works for both printed and electronic transcripts, marksheets and certificates
  • - It can only be generated by the issuing educational organisation and cannot be faked or tampered by anyone else
  • - The generation of the QR code can be easily integrated with existing document production systems being used
  • - It helps the educational organisation to build a reputation for integrity and strengthens its brand
  • - Helps to reduce costs as there is no need to maintain a team for confirming authenticity of documents
  • - Results in faster acceptance of submitted documents which is beneficial to students
  • - Protects the privacy of both the document holder and the document issuer
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