QR Codes for Health Insurance Membership Cards

Membership Cards

Quick authentication and remote management of information

Typically a health insurance customer would be given a membership card by the insurance company to be used for identification at the time of interaction with the service provider. These cards are normally physical cards with a specified validity period and need to be periodically replaced. Moreover, the card itself carries very basic information and the service provider still needs to fill out other necessary details after verification. It would be far more useful to have a card (either physical or electronic) with a QR code containing not only the individual details of the insured along with photo etc for identification but also policy details so that verification and relevant limits/access to services can be determined by a simple scan of the QR code. In addition, Qryptal allows the QR code to be managed remotely so that any changes in validity period or even in coverage parameters can be amended at the back end without the need to change the QR code keeping information updated for the policy holder at any time.

A Qryptal powered membership card would look like this-

qr code generator invoice

This has several advantages over conventional cards, which are:

  • - Lower cost over a long-term period as the card does not need to be replaced periodically.
  • - Revocation and updating of information can be done remotely and a scan of the QR code will always give the updated information which can be trusted
  • - Lot more information including photo, policy and other supporting documents can be accessed by scanning the QR code. This saves the need to carry all this information in person and allows for easy reference.
  • - Works for both printed and electronic membership cards
  • - Very good for security and privacy. The information is available only through the tamper-proof QR code.
  • - The QR code can only be generated by the authorized issuer and is digitally signed by them through their private key
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