Secure QR Codes for Driving Licenses, Passports and Identity Cards

Driving Licenses, Passports and Identity Cards

The problem: the scourge of fake and tampered IDs

Fake ID cards is a widespread problem all over the world and every day we come across new stories about the same. The problem is simple:

An ID card is issued by one organisation/department to an individual and when it is presented to third parties - they cannot easily find out if the ID is fake or genuine.

For example you may have a driving license and you wish to present this to a bank in order to open a bank account. The banker has no easy means to validate the license because the trustworthy data resides within the database of the Transport Agency - the authority which issues driving licences in your respective country. Similar issues occur when you wish to use the driving license for other purposes: renting a car/apartment, applying for a loan/credit/passport etc.

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For government issued IDs, even the public should have an easy mechanism to validate the credentials. So if a uniformed law enforcement officer visits your home - how can you quickly verify the credentials?

Also IDs are issued by one government department are pftened used to obtain IDs from other departments. For example, consider the case of using a driving license to apply for a passport. There have been many instances where security has been compromised because fake low-level IDs were used to obtain genuine high-level IDs.

The Solution

With sophisticated software, scanners and printers - these days nearly any fake ID can be produced in any part of the world. Further, adding physical security features like watermarks, holograms etc work only for the people who know what is the current feature of your documents (e.g. difficult for third parties to know that your documents from 2016 use this hologram and from 22-Feb-2018 your organisation switched to another hologram).

With services of Qryptal, the organisation simply generates the unique Qryptal QR Code for each ID card. This code encapsulates all the key details of the ID including photographs. After this, third parties use a free Validator app to simply scan and verify the ID details on demand. If the ID card has to be revoked before the expiry date, then the same can be securely published on the ADR ledger.

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  • - Easy integration with existing ID Card Production System
  • - Complete Card life-cycle management including revocation
  • - Easy to validate: simply scan the Qryptal QR Code
  • - All round security & privacy: validation with digital signature verification is performed by App on device
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