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HR & Payroll

Reducing documents tampering and improving automation

The human resources function in any organization is crucial and has to deal with as well as generate several documents which serve different purposes. Educational certificates are just one example of such documents and are an input into the human resources function. Other examples include: joining or employment offer letter, discharge or exit letter, experience certificate (which could also include information about the last position held, the number of years worked and in some cases last salary drawn), regular payslips and so on. Some of these docuemnts serve the purpose of a proof when applying for a new job, for a loan, for a visa, opening of a bank or brokerage account or other similar requirements.

Since these are used as proof and inputs for important transaction processing, there is an incentive to manipulate the information to suit the requirements or burnish the credentials. There have been multiple instances of fake or tampered experience letters and pay-slips being submitted to improve prospects and get better outcomes. It requires time and effort to verify the authenticity of such documents and may not always be possible. As a result there is a risk that the company might take a wrong decision based on these documents which can have serious long term implications for the organisation. There is a need to be able to verify the information in an easy way thereby enabling trust in the documents being presented.

Once again a way to tackle this problem is by making sure that all such documents are system generated centrally and the information on them is captured in the form of a Qryptal secure QR code before it gets printed either physically or electronically. In addition the QR code will also have the digital signature of the issuing organisation so that unauthorized modifications can be identified and stopped. This can be then validated by different stakeholders to whom it is presented (other employers, banks, embassies and visa processing service providers etc) and the verified contents can be used for the purpose required with full confidence.

A sample of a service certificate with a QR code encapsulating the details is shown here. On scanning the code all the details contained inside it is visible for verification.

Using such a system offers significant benefits:

  • It works for both printed and electronic documents
  • It can only be generated by the issuing organisation and cannot be faked or tampered by anyone else
  • It allows self service verification of document by third parties
  • Strengthen personal data protection as information is accessed through the QR code and by the use of an authorised app only. Also since the information is stored inside the QR code, there may not be any requirement to get into tripartite information sharing issues
  • Data domicile issues may be minimal as no online infrastructure is required

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