Solutions to Secure Vaccination Certificates and Test Reports

Secure Digitally Signed QR Solution: Secure Covid test reports and make them easily verifiable by authorities. Trustworthy credentials like these help in travel and work. Qryptal novel physical-digital PKI based approach enables validation in air-gapped environments (no internet) when presented electronically via smartphones, printed or uploaded for automated verification during online check-in for example.

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COVID-19 vaccination certificates and reports have become important documents as governments, public health departments & transport systems formulate policies for:

  • Facilitating travel
  • Manage healthcare systems
  • Return to work

Learn More about Qryptal EU Digital Covid Certificate Solutions

At Qryptal, we are helping in the fight against Covid-19 as below:

Covid Vaccination Certificates

The Qryptal solution is being deployed by governments and health authorities who are looking to secure the Covid vaccination certificates and make them easily verifiable. Doing so helps the individuals in their travel and getting back to work safely for a more normal and sustainable level of economic activity while safeguarding public health.

Our clients have already generated millions of Covid-19 vaccination and test certificates using our solutions. Qryptal is a proven solution and is being used by customers and authorities all over the world across industries and verticals for various use cases since 2015.

Since interoperability is the key, we are following a standards PKI based approach with the following key features:

  • EU Digital Covid Certificates: Qryptal software supports fully compliant generation of EU DCC QR Codes for Vaccination, Recovery and Test certificates. These solutions are meant for national authorities. Please note that DCC is the new name for EU Digital Green Certificates (DGC). Learn more

  • Offline-validation: Being able to validate these certificates offline is the key to providing trouble free high volume decentralized validation is all kinds of locations: air-gapped immigration/border control, airline check-in counters and any venue wanting to ensure safety for all.

  • Automated validation: We support both API based and PKI based automated offline validation enabling easy integration in workflows like online check-ins.

  • Physical-Digital: The solution should work not just for electronic only digital certificates but also for paper based certificates to ensure people of all abilities can use the system.

  • Privacy: Decentralized validation based on open standards enables true privacy for all stakeholders: certificate holder, issuer and verifier.

  • Public validation: Empowering the public to be able to easily validate these certificates can be an important enabler to ensure safe opening at scale.

  • Streamlined Architecture: We have purposely limited the scope of our solution to a micro service to enable quick and easy deployment at scale.

  • Integration with existing document production systems: Our solutions have been designed to integrate seamlessly with existing document production systems and workflows so that there is zero to minimal change required for adoption.

Covid Test Reports

Incorporating secure QR codes which can work offline is a challenge in most real world Laboratory Information Systems (LIS). Qryptal provides mecahnisms to integrate with all types of LIS

FilesAPI Integration

These are systems that are not easily updated to make outgoing API calls to systems such as Qryptal to obtain a digitally signed QR to be placed on the test report.

We have had extensive experience in working with such systems to extract the relevant data to be secured in a digitally signed QR and to place the QR on the Covid test report. The process flow diagram below illustrates the solution. The Qryptal solution provides a FilesAPI that allows for integration with LIS systems using the file system to secure the Covid test reports (PCL/PDF formats) produced by such systems

REST API Integration

For LIS systems that are able to make REST API calls, Qryptal Provides a REST API to generate a digitally signed secure QR to be incorporated into test reports and vaccination certificates. Below is a process flow diagram that shows this for an on-premise solution. A cloud based solution is available as well.

Proven Solution

The Qryptal solution has been deployed by one of the largest laboratory chains in South East Asia to secure Covid test reports and make them easily verifiable by authorities. Once again trustworthy credentials like these help in travel and work. It is a novel physical-digital PKI based approach which enables validation in air-gapped environments (no internet) when presented electronically via smartphones, printed or uploaded for automated verification during online check-in for example.

Reliable and instant validation at scale without sharing of databases increases privacy and efficiency for all. We are working with entities to deploy the Qryptal validation solution at Immigration checkpoints in various countries.

For a demonstration and discussion, click the button below now to schedule a discussion. We will be happy to share in detail about how Qryptal can assist you in securing the Covid-19 test reports and vaccination certifiates to make them tamperproof and easiy verifiable.

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