While science struggles, tech cracks the code

Make vaccine certificates tamper-proof !

While science struggles to make a 100% effective vaccine against newer strains…

Tech can make vaccine certificates 100% effective and tamper-proof

The enigma of the incredibly complex Covid-19 infection is still perplexing the science of medicine with severe mutations of the SARS-CoV2 virus. While the surges and second and third waves were expected and the world had seen such during pandemics even a century ago, the mutations of the new COVID-19 strains are a challenge for the scientific community.

news articleConcern about mutations

However, a key element in the fight against COVID-19 is vaccination and the subsequent use of Vaccination certificates/Vaccine Passports/ Immunity certificates. This is in addition to the Covid -ve reports and certificates issued after Covid tests. Such reports & certificates help allow the ‘uninfected’ and the vaccinated to travel and thus minimize the risk of spread of infection as people travel within countries and across borders.

Most of the current Vaccine Certificates are not tamper proof

There is a problem with the current vaccine certificates. The significant utility of having such a certificate has given a huge incentive and provided a new scam opportunity to many who are involved in creating original-looking fake certificates and vaccine passports. However, unlike medical science, we have a secure QR code technology that is proven and 100% effective as far as the documentation regarding proof of vaccination is concerned

Secure QR Code is a proven technology

Secure QR technology is a globally adaptable solution that ensures that the holder of the Covid test report or Covid vaccination certificate is indeed the person who has tested negative or been vaccinated. It provides complete authenticity & privacy and offers countless other benefits.

The core tenets of document security technology are -

  • 100% effective (secure and tamper proof)

  • 100% accessible, verifiable, available and proven technology

  • It needs to be affordable

Qryptal Secure QR Coded certificates are 100% effective against tampering

  • The certificates are 100% tamperproof, with no ifs and buts or other clauses.

QR Coded certificates are 100% accessible, verifiable, available and proven technology

  • Secure QR Technology is a commercially proven existing technology open to both developed and developing countries. The QR Code can be accessed for free by anyone and anywhere globally with a simple smartphone.
  • Both the rich and the poorer countries can have equal access to generation of such certificates and verification.
  • Qryptal QR can be designed to be verified even in an off-line environment

Qryptal Certificates are affordable

  • The Qryptal QR-coded certificates are highly affordable. It costs a few cents and is highly scalable, certificates can be generated/printed in large quantities and works for both physical, digital formats.

Finally, the verification process is so simple that irrespective of the technical/digital capability of the user, the document can be used as it incorporates the physical-digital approach. Which means that even though modern technology is used for capturing and generating the QR code, the output document itself can be either electronic or physical and therefore can be comfortably used by people across the technology spectrum depending on their preference. Moreover - there is not even a need for connectivity to validate. It works easily in air-gapped environments.

Sample Vaccination Certificate with secure QR codeSample Vaccination Certificate with Secure QR Code

Secure QR code 100% foolproof way to create and verify authentic certificates, and any unauthorised modifications on the certificate can easily be identified. The image above shows how this certificate looks.

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