Safeguarding Courier Services Against Scams with Qryptal's Secure QR Codes

Qryptal's Secure QR Codes: A Shield Against Document Tampering

Courier services and e-commerce platforms have experienced an exponential rise in their use and popularity over the past few years. Unfortunately, this expansion has also opened up new avenues for fraudsters, who exploit these systems to execute scams. Recently, a scam involving reputed courier companies like FedEx and Blue Dart surfaced, wherein the fraudsters used counterfeit letters and phone calls to con unsuspecting individuals.

The Modus Operandi of Courier Scams

In this particular scam, individuals were contacted by a person pretending to be a representative from FedEx, Blue Dart, or other courier companies. They were informed about a parcel linked to their name, allegedly confiscated by the police due to the presence of illegal substances.

Further, these individuals were video-called by someone impersonating a police official who presented an official-looking letter. This letter, supposedly from the ‘Financial Department Mumbai Crime Branch and Central Bureau of Investigation’, asked the victim to transfer a certain sum of money for the release of the parcel. The presence of personal details, like Aadhar number, in these letters made them appear legitimate, compelling the victim to transfer the money immediately.

fake letter for courier scamsupposed “official” letter for the scam

Qryptal’s Secure QR Codes: A Shield Against Scams

Qryptal’s Secure QR Codes offer a comprehensive solution to combat such fraudulence. With their use, courier companies can provide an additional layer of security and trust in their communication. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Integration with Qryptal’s Secure QR Code generator

Courier companies can integrate Qryptal’s Secure QR Code generator into their systems. This generator will create a tamper-proof QR code, digitally signed with the courier company’s private key, for every parcel. The QR code will capture essential details related to the parcel and the sender.

Step 2: Verification of Qryptal’s Secure QR Code using an app or web validation

If a customer receives a call or a letter regarding a parcel, they can request the QR code related to the parcel from the caller. The customer can then scan the QR code using an app or on a web validation page, which can decrypt the information using the courier company’s public key, revealing the parcel’s details. If the details don’t match with the caller’s information, the customer can immediately report it to the courier company and the local police.


Qryptal’s Secure QR Code technology offers an efficient and reliable solution to the menace of courier scams. By enhancing the security of courier transactions and communications, it helps foster trust between courier companies and their customers. As the industry continues to evolve, incorporating such innovative solutions will be vital to ensure secure, reliable, and seamless courier services.

Implementing Qryptal’s Secure QR Codes not only provides a shield against scams but also equips courier companies with a tool that enhances the transparency and efficiency of their services. By embedding a secure, digitally-signed QR code into each parcel’s documentation, the companies can offer their customers an easy way to verify the authenticity of the communication.

Moreover, the secure QR code reduces the chances of human error and fraudulent activities while ensuring faster processing and delivery of parcels. It is high time that courier and e-commerce companies embraced this technology and provided their customers with a secure, efficient, and trustworthy service.

In an era marked by increasing digital transactions and communications, Qryptal’s Secure QR Code technology emerges as a beacon of trust and reliability. By leveraging this technology, courier and e-commerce companies can not only secure their operations against scams but also enhance their service quality, customer experience, and brand reputation.

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