Revolutionizing Supply Chain Security with Qryptal's Secure QR Codes

  • Rajesh Soundararajan
  • May 16, 2023
  • 3 min read
Revolutionizing Supply Chain Security with Qryptal's Secure QR Codes

From Pharma To High-End Jewellery, Stop Document Tampering At Source


The global supply chain faces a myriad of challenges, from counterfeit documents to tampering and theft. These issues compromise the integrity of products or services, erode consumer trust, and damage brand reputation. Qryptal’s Secure QR Code technology offers an innovative and robust solution to help businesses protect their supply chains, ensuring product authenticity and traceability while safeguarding sensitive information.

A New Era of Supply Chain Security:

1. Combating Counterfeit Documents: Counterfeit documents can infiltrate supply chains, causing significant business losses and posing potential safety risks to consumers. Qryptal’s Secure QR Codes can be applied to products or services, invoices, packaging, and documents to ensure the authenticity and integrity of documents throughout the supply chain.

2. Tamper-proof Tracking: Secure QR Codes embed encrypted data and digital signatures directly into product labels, warranty cards, and documents, making it virtually impossible for malicious actors to tamper with or forge. This helps maintain the credibility and trustworthiness of products or services as they move through the supply chain.

3. Efficient Traceability: Scanning a Qryptal Secure QR Code with a smartphone or compatible device provides instant access to vital information about a product’s origin, manufacturing details, and distribution history. This enhances transparency and traceability, allowing businesses to quickly identify and address potential issues within their supply chains.

Innovative Use Cases:

1. Pharmaceutical Industry: Qryptal’s Secure QR Codes can help combat the growing problem of counterfeit drugs by ensuring the authenticity of pharmaceutical products or services. By applying Secure QR Codes to medicine primary packaging, patients and healthcare providers can quickly verify the product’s source and legitimacy, reducing the risk of consuming the counterfeit or substandard medication.

2. Luxury Documents: High-end brands can use DeBeer’s Warranty Card leverage, like Qryptal’s Secure QR Codes, to protect their products or service from counterfeiting and unauthorized distribution. By adding Secure QR Codes to product labels or accompanying documents, customers can quickly verify the authenticity of luxury items, boosting confidence in the brand and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

3. Food and Beverage: Qryptal’s Secure QR Codes can be applied to food and beverage packaging, providing instant access to essential information such as ingredients, nutritional content, and allergens. This helps consumers make informed choices and supports businesses in meeting regulatory requirements and demonstrating their commitment to transparency and quality.

The simple and essential workflow for deploying Qryptal is to integrate with the Qryptal Generator API so that the Qryptal Secure QR Code can be generated and seamlessly added to your documents to enable easy validation.

Generation and Validation of Secure QR Code


Qryptal’s Secure QR Code technology offers an innovative and effective way to revolutionize supply chain security across various industries. By enhancing the security and traceability of products or services, businesses can protect their brand reputation, ensure product integrity, and safeguard sensitive information. As supply chain challenges evolve, adopting cutting-edge solutions like Qryptal’s Secure QR Codes will be crucial in maintaining a competitive edge and building consumer trust.

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