Introducing Qryptal Secure QR Codes for HR Documents

Revolutionizing HR Document Security with Secure QR Codes

In an era where HR document fraud is growing, Qryptal brings a cutting-edge solution—Secure QR Codes. These QR codes, embedded in each HR document, whether in electronic or printed form, can revolutionise document security and restore the shaken faith among employers, employees, and stakeholders.

Qryptal Secure QR Codes: The Next Level in Document Security

Qryptal Secure QR codes are more than scannable graphics; they are gatekeepers to a document’s authentic data. The QR codes hold within themselves the essential information of the document, encrypted and digitally signed by the issuing organisation, making any unauthorised alteration impossible.

This powerful feature enables instantaneous verification of document authenticity by various stakeholders, including but not limited to - employers, financial institutions, and visa-processing service providers. With reliable information at their fingertips, decisions can be made quickly and effectively, avoiding unnecessary delays or misjudgments.

How Qryptal works to combat fake HR documents

Download link to HR document security whitepaper here

Qryptal’s Edge in Secure QR Codes for HR

Qryptal Secure QR Codes offer numerous distinctive advantages:

1. Versatile: They can be seamlessly incorporated into both electronic and printed documents, ensuring top-notch security without compromising on convenience.

2. Exclusive: Secure QR codes can only be generated by the issuing organisation, thus eliminating the chance of document fabrication or tampering.

3. Efficient: The ability for third parties to independently verify the authenticity of documents drastically cuts down the time and resources spent on manual checks.

4. Robust: Personal data remains secure as information can only be accessed through authorised QR code scanning, preventing any risk of unauthorised access.

5. Data Domicile: The need for online infrastructure is optional, significantly reducing data storage and sharing concerns.

By implementing Qryptal’s secure QR code solution, organisations can secure their HR documents and significantly streamline their HR processes.

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Download HR Document Security Whitepaper here

Introducing Qryptal Secure QR Codes: A Solution to Document Fraud

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Implementing Qryptal Secure QR Codes: A Step-by-step Guide

July 25, 2023 2 min read

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