QR Coded mark sheets could prevent this University from shame

4 steps that you can take to ensure tamper-proof mark sheets and transcripts

Manav Bharti news storyManav Bharti news story

When one first reads this article - India’s fake degrees: hundreds in Singapore, Malaysia, the US, Canada left questioning qualifications after the Manav Bharti University scandal, the first thought is to look at it as yet another fake degree scam.

However, when you read through the article, you realise that this has triggered a chain reaction from employers in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa, the United States and Canada. The alumni are now pressured into proving that their qualifications are genuine.

Manav Bharti University (MBU) in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh is no small university and has a large campus. This scam has created a blot on their credentials and reputation.

When the university’s chairman was arrested (and then released on bail) in connection with the case, they argued saying unidentified “miscreants” were to blame for the scam. With some reports that the miscreants had issued approximately 4,000 fake degrees in Manav Bharti’s name between 2016 and 2019, the university cannot absolve itself of the blame entirely.

What should Manav Bharti University do ?

The steps that the University and Chairman would need to take

  1. Re-issue all genuine certificates (mark sheets and degrees) in a physical-digital format for its alumni and have a means of having the authenticated document available immediately. The secure QR code technology is the best security solution for educational documents.

  2. Advertise that the same would be issued to all alumni as a replacement to the current certificate. All genuine alumni would instantaneously have a certificate that can be authenticated instantly.

  3. Authorities and third party verifiers can verify these documents across the world very easily with little or no new technology intervention.

  4. With secure and rigorous encryption, it is easy to implement and use. A secure QR coded certificate would ensure that the degrees are tamper-proof and can be validated by any third party with a simple smartphone app.

It thus becomes practically impossible for fraudsters to duplicate such certificates. Hence such scams can be largely prevented.

How does the Qryptal Secure QR code solution differentiate itself from what is available in the market?

There are many different types of solutions – holograms, embossments, digital, RFID and intelligent chips, Secure QR code – that are available. Yet, these are the reasons why Secure QR code solution becomes relevant -

  • Seamless Security
  • Digital-Physical Certificates
  • Tamper Proof
  • Easy Generation
  • Affordable Integration
  • Ease of Verification

This is how a certificate using a secure QR code looks like:

Sample University transcript with secure QR codeSample University transcript with Secure QR Code

If only Manav Bharati had heard of Qryptal or secure QR codes, they would have known that a tamper-proof transcript is just a click away - www.qryptal.com. At Qryptal, our advanced yet elegant secure QR code solution helps solve this problem efficiently and affordably, is easy to deploy and works seamlessly with existing document generation systems.

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