The Surge in QR Code Adoption: #BackToBasics [Part 2]

Concepts and Best Practices in implementing QR Codes

In our previous post, we spoke about the QR codes having a variety of uses, from storing bank information for payments to ordering at restaurants or joining a Wi-Fi network. In this week’s post we will talk about QR codes being a reliable mechanism for vaccine certificates and how you can include photographs in QR codes. We will also compare Secure QR with Blockchain, bust some myths around QR codes and finally look at guidelines for selecting the best QR code solution.

Are QR Codes a Reliable Mechanism for Vaccination Certificates?

The Qryptal solution is being deployed by governments and health authorities looking to secure Covid vaccination certificates and make them easily verifiable. Doing so helps the individuals travel and get back to work safely for a more normal and sustainable level of economic activity while safeguarding public health. Our clients have already generated millions of Covid-19 vaccination certificates and test reports using our solutions. This is because Qryptal secure QR has been a proven solution used by customers and authorities worldwide across industries and verticals for various use cases since 2015.

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Can you include Photographs in Secure QR codes?

One of the crucial decisions to be made while implementing QR code-based security in documents is the PDC vs. EDC decision. Very simply - PDC or Primary Data Code is a self-contained QR code that contains textual data and can be verified offline. EDC or Extended Data Code can have images and files. Still, since these are bigger, they are not stored inside the QR code itself but stored as encrypted blobs in storage (like AWS) and fetched using the key in the QR code hence need data connectivity. But can photos be included in PDC codes ?

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Can Secure QR hold up to Blockchain?

The faster time to market, scalability, proven technology, efficiency, and effectiveness would make Secure QR code technology far more attractive for banks, financial institutions, the healthcare industry, and even the retail sector in developing countries compared to Blockchain.

In China and recently in India, the modest and unassuming QR code has helped the governments, large enterprises, millions of small businesses, and billions of users achieve a lot more at a fraction of the cost in two of their most significant initiatives in recent past – vaccinations as well as payments.

With the ability to democratize access, efficiency, wide acceptance, and effectiveness – it would be naïve for large governments and businesses to jump onto Blockchain at the expense of Secure QR codes without due diligence. Especially on the parameters of sustainability. Secure QR codes as technology can transform physical-digital transactions at a fraction of the cost of Blockchain systems, delivering speed and efficiency both in implementation and integration. With the power of mobile phones in the hands of consumers and the need for secure technologies, the world is at a cusp of transformation, and a Secure QR code holds the key to large-scale adoption.

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Myths About QR Codes

There are many myths associated with QR Codes. We have demystified four major myths in a post.

Myth # 1: The QR Code is just a fad that would go away. No doubt, many marketers are using QR codes in their marketing material without much detailed thought…

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Infographic: 6 Point Guide to Selecting Best QR Code Solution

There are many ways to secure documents. However, Secure QR Codes as a solution is fast catching up, and we have recently shared with you the 8-reasons why customers are moving towards QR code-based document security. With the increasing popularity of QR codes as a solution, organizations must do their due diligence in ensuring all crucial aspects have been considered, including adequate scalability, without compromising the effectiveness and efficiencies. In many cases, the documents generated may be verified after weeks, months, years, and even decades. So what steps should be taken to ensure that the appropriate QR code solution is chosen in such a scenario? Here is your checklist –

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