Extract Data From PDF & PCL Files Using Qryptal Code To Generate A Digital Signature

Solution to parse and extract data from PDF/PCL files

Data extraction for Secure QR Code Generation

We have often encountered users needing to generate verifiably tamper-proof documents stamped with digitally signed secured QR codes but face difficulty achieving it. It is due to the lack of flexibility in modifying their existing system(s) responsible for generating documents. As experts with experience in this space, we have addressed this challenge with a comprehensive solution to parse and extract essential data to convert into a secured QR code to meet our user’s needs without modifying their existing / legacy systems.

Qryptal’s focus has always been on providing a suite of solutions to make documents and their copies verifiable - attestable with the help of a digital seal in the form of a digitally signed, tamper-proof, verifiable, secured QR code. Such documents, including their copies, become self-attestable digitally signed documents. Our users generate and add secure QR Codes to their documents in many different ways and integrate seamlessly with the existing document generation tools and business processes. Some users with legacy systems found it valuable to integrate with the Qryptal solution with the help of its data extraction capability requiring minor changes in their existing setup.

Solution Outline

Users can pipe their legacy system output in PDF or PCL files individually or in bulk. Qryptal Generator will parse the files and extract the data using tactfully crafted regex expressions, which are then converted into digitally signed verifiable Qryptal code stamped on the files received. After that, the output files can be piped back into the existing workflow.

PDF data extraction workflow

This solution does not need any changes in the legacy system, e.g. need for API integration etc. To find out more, visit our technology overview section. Qryptal offers free trial accounts for users to try out Qryptal services for secure QR code generation and validation. Easy-to-use web interfaces or Restful APIs help you access Qryptal services.

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