Now get FREE trial accounts for Secure QR Codes

Try out either Cloud or On Premise deployment depending on your needs

Our mission is to create a world where document tampering becomes a worthless proposition. Towards this, we are taking a two-pronged approach where the issuer can create secure documents on the fly with minimal investments. The authentication mechanism is as simple as ABC across borders, with or without the internet.

We are often asked two questions

  1. What is Secure QR code, why is it used worldwide, and how does it work?

  2. How can I try it out for FREE with no strings attached?

Well, the first question has been answered extensively in our earlier posts. We have covered various topics, from demystifying QR codes to Why does Secure QR code score over Blockchain? We also wrote on QR Codes in 2022 – How to create a Secure QR code?

In this post, we are pleased to offer you FREE trial accounts for Secure QR Codes. We are highlighting steps through which you can avail a cloud or on-premise trial account. Please do not hesitate to share it with others who might be interested in this

Trial account on the Cloud

Now it is straightforward to evaluate and do POC in a matter of hours with these steps


  1. Visit and on the top right, click on the FREE TRIAL button

  2. Fill in your official email address and enter the demo account mode

  3. After entering the demo account - click on the COMPLETE SETUP tab

  4. Enter the desired domain: e.g., if your website is, then use

  5. Upload your logo. This is optional and can be done later

  6. You will see instructions on how to set up your DNS CNAME (Note: you can do this later before going to production)

Congratulations! now your account is created and ready to evaluate:

  • Manual Generation: create a new Workflow and manually create your secure codes

  • API/Automated Generation:

Screenshot of trial account settings


Same as (A) above, but with someone from Qryptal assisting with the above process over a Zoom screen sharing session. You would need to send an email to

On-Premise Evaluation

  1. Preparation: Get a Linux machine ready (physical or virtual) either on the Cloud or internal

    1.1 RHEL 7, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.4 LTS or newer distribution

    1.2 Recommended: 8GB RAM and 25 GB disk

  2. To create Trial Account: Please visit and click on the download button under trial to sign up for a 14 day trial

  3. Screen Share with your infrastructure team: After above, if required, contact to schedule a call to assist or if you have any questions with the installation and setup

  4. Screen Share with your developers: API Tokens and links to documentation are available after the install. We’ll be happy to do a screenshare with session with your developers if they have any questions on the use of the API. Simply email

We hope you will benefit from this post and help create a world where document tampering becomes outdated. However, please do reach out to us for any clarification.

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