How To: Now you can choose Data sets for Secure PDF QR Generation

How Qryptal is helping customers implement efficient QR code solutions

Our customers design the workflows for their operators and users to generate reports documents or to stamp PDFs with secure QRs. In these workflows, their operators and users will enter data that has to be secured in the QR and generate PDFs. All activity is logged for audit trail purposes.

As their users enter a lot of data each time to create these reports, we have added several new features to make it easier. This blog post and the next will talk about these new features. At Qryptal, we’ve been listening to our customers as they create secure documents such as certificates, covid test reports, inspection reports, etc.

To reduce the amount of data typed in, one of our popular features is to configure a choice drop-down in the design of the workflows. This way, the workflow designer or administrator can provide a drop-down to the operator to choose from a fixed set of values for the data.

For example, for COVID Test reports, there are typically two types of Tests: RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test. The workflow for the user is a drop-down to choose from. And the appropriate value is then set up in the secure QR

choosing data set graphic 1

The setup of the workflow is quite simple. Add a “Choice” element to your workflow, and there are helpful contextual tips and guides to help the designer or administrator set it up. It also allows for setting up a default option, as shown below.

choosing data set graphic 2

Users and operators can run a PDF or QR generation workflow by uploading an Excel CSV file, making it easy to do bulk generation. The system will check the data for a Choice field that matches the option. For example, suppose the “Test_Type” value is entered as “SARS-Cov-2 Molecular” in a data row. The PDF or QR will not be generated for that data row, and the user is notified of the error.

Qryptal solutions are engineered for easy setup and quick and smooth operation. As more and more documents become secured, we are doing our bit to build a better world for all.

If you have any suggestions for our consideration, drop us an email at We will be happy to set up a call.

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