Ensuring Secure Admissions

  • Rahul Sinha
  • May 14, 2024
  • 4 min read
Ensuring Secure Admissions

Helping International Students get Verifiable Offer letters


In an era of globalization, the pursuit of education knows no borders. With an increasing number of students opting to study abroad, securing admission to prestigious institutions has become a paramount concern. However, amidst the excitement of acceptance, the security of admission offer letters can often be overlooked. In this article, we delve into the importance of safeguarding offer letters for international students and explore strategies for ensuring their security.

The Vulnerabilities of Offer Letters

In today’s digital age, traditional methods of issuing and receiving offer letters pose significant security risks. From fraudulent alterations to unauthorized access, offer letters are susceptible to various forms of tampering and exploitation. Furthermore, the consequences of compromised offer letters extend beyond individual students, affecting institutional credibility and integrity. There have been multiple cases of fake offer letters used for visa applications.

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The Need for Secure Solutions

To address the vulnerabilities associated with offer letters, educational institutions must adopt secure solutions that prioritize authenticity and integrity. Leveraging advanced technologies such as cryptographic QR codes, institutions can generate offer letters embedded with secure digital signatures which can be easily verified. These encrypted codes serve as verifiable proof of authenticity, mitigating the risk of forgery and fraud.

Below is an example of a sample admission offer letter with Secure QR code. This can only be generated by the issuing University and is digitally signed by its own private key ensuring no unauthorized generation or manipulation of information. The verifier is guided to the domain of the issuer (here it is verify.demo-university.com ) and can easily validate that the information is genuine.

admission offer letter with Secure QR code

How does Qryptal help Universities in this ?

Qryptal can help in the generation of such admission offer letters by integrating (through API) with your existing document production systems which have the data that needs to be captured in the QR code that is placed on the letter. The Qryptal solution can be deployed in your data centre or in your cloud account. There could even be a possibility of exploring Qryptal integration with Zapier (if you are using a cloud based admission/student information system) which may save direct integration effort.

Alternatively you can use a manual workflow. Admission officers can get requests from international students, log into the Qryptal system and use one of the following flows:

  • PDF Stamping: Just upload your existing letter PDF, select place for QR and then instantly stamp and download the stamped PDF for onward transmission.

  • PDF Generation: instantly generate these letters with secure QR codes based on your template by manually providing the necessary certificate details.

Both of these workflows are easy to incorporate and you can be up and running in a few hours.

Enhancing Transparency and Trust

By implementing secure solutions for offer letters, educational institutions demonstrate their commitment to transparency and trustworthiness. Prospective international students can have confidence in the legitimacy of their admissions, knowing that their offer letters are protected against tampering and unauthorized alterations. This transparency fosters a positive rapport between institutions and students, laying the foundation for a successful academic journey and a positive experience overall.

Streamlining Administrative Processes

In addition to bolstering security, such offer letters with secure QR codes streamline administrative processes, enhancing efficiency and convenience for both institutions and students. These offer letters can be easily issued, tracked, and verified, minimizing the logistical challenges associated with traditional paper-based documentation. This is true whether the issuance is in electronic or physical format as secure QR codes work equally well with both mediums. This not only reduces administrative burdens but also ensures a seamless experience for all stakeholders involved. The basic process of issuing admission letters does not change, only a step is added to include a secure QR code before final generation and distribution. Hence the adoption and roll out is made quick, easy and seamless.


Securing offer letters is paramount in ensuring the integrity of admissions processes for international students. By embracing secure solutions that leverage advanced technologies, educational institutions can uphold authenticity, transparency, and efficiency throughout the admissions journey. As the global demand for education continues to rise, safeguarding offer letters remains a critical imperative in fostering trust and confidence among prospective students worldwide.

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