How To: Qryptal Secure QR Code Generation API with Postman

Sign up for a Qryptal free trial account - use API platforms like Postman to explore Qryptal services

Qryptal’s core focus is to make documents secure and verifiable. This is done by adding a digitally signed secure QR code to the document. The Qryptal solution provides our customers with various means to generate and add these digitally signed QR codes on the documents and easy verification. To find out more, visit our technology section.

Qryptal offers free trial accounts for users to try out Qryptal services for secure QR code generation and validation. Easy-to-use web interface or via Restful APIs help you access Qryptal services. APIs can be easily integrated with most modern document management systems. These systems typically have built in capabilities for calling external web-based APIs. Most of our customers have found the integration easy and can be up and running in less than a day.

This blog will walk you through the steps to set up a free trial account with Qryptal and help you learn and explore Qryptal APIs. This blog makes use of Postman (Postman is one of the popular API platforms for building and testing APIs) to help you explore QR Code Generation API.

  1. Create a Trial Account

    Visit and click on “Get a free trial”.

  2. Complete the account setup

Postman Demo Step 2

  1. Get hold of the API documentation and API tokens

    Visit Setup Page to get hold of the API documentation and API tokens.

Postman Demo Step 3a Postman Demo Step 3b

API Documentation is also available @

Please read thru API Documentation to get familiar.

  1. Test with Postman

    Install the Postman app if not already installed.

    Download a Zip file containing Test Postman Collection and test data from (you may need to copy and paste the URL in your browser) and extract all the files from that.

    Import “Qryptal Demo of Code Attachments.postman_collection.json” into Postman Workspace.

Postman Demo Step 4

Key-in Test PDC Token as API token

Postman Demo Step 4a Postman Demo Step 4b

Provide test payload data and file attachments before calling API using the “Send” button.

Postman Demo Step 4c

API Response should look like this..

Postman Demo Step 4d

You may get hold of the QR Image using qrurl OR create a QR code using qr_text as a payload.

To download the image using qrurl value, you may need to append qrurl with API token as demonstrated here:

Postman Demo Step 4e

To learn more, please refer to the further reading section or write to with your queries and comments.

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