Everything QR – Here is the 5 point checklist to help draft your Secure QR based document security framework

These five parameters must make it to your Proof-of-Concept checklist

You have decided to adopt a secure QR code for document security. That is a commendable first step.

Some critical decisions must be taken, and you must make some important choices that will protect your investments and serve you well over time. Document security and verification is a long-term strategy. The documents you generate may be stored or used for ages, and hence need to choose technology that stands the test of time. Flawed implementations take a toll on financial and human resources.

Here are five parameters that must make it to your checklist. Take your test. Reach out to us in case you require help.

Security and Compression :

  • Each QR is signed by a private QR key of the issuing authority

  • The off-code information is encrypted with a unique key for each QR code

  • Compression is done at multiple stages in the process of QR code generation

  • There is a need to generate small QR code images

Solution Architecture :

  • The solution must scale to generate thousands or even millions of codes each day

  • We need a light/ modest infrastructure with no significant hardware investment

  • Want to reduce cyber-attack / hackers by minimizing or eliminating exposure to central databases

Decentralized public key-based validation :

  • Must enhance privacy and security, preferably with decentralized public key-based validation

  • The solution must have seamless distribution and management of public keys

  • Must be easy to use/verify by non-technical users

  • Require web validation on your own domain with adequate customization? For example, Qryptal users are given the option to have a web validation page that can use the device camera or upload an image/PDF of the document to validate without the need to install an App.

  • The need for a Document Validation App

  • We require Mobile Validation via SDKs for iOS and Android for our own App

  • We need support for API-based validation with other applications, partners, and regulators

  • We are looking for a Command-line validator utility

Flexible deployment & integration options :

  • We need cloud deployment

  • We are looking for a full on-premise deployment at our data center

  • Must integrate with legacy applications via REST API or Files API

Enterprise-ready :

  • A 5+ year future-proof solution is a must

  • In addition, the solution must have existing use cases

  • A globally proven and validated solution in at least a dozen countries

  • Large-scale deployment proof-points are a must

  • Should have passed implementation security audits

  • The service provider must have the capability of post-sale support

5 point checklist for Secure QR5 point checklist for Secure QR

The more you look at standards-based commercially successful solutions, the better your chances of coming up with an option that works well & successfully protects your investments in document security. The above checklist is a good starting point. Please reach out to us (info@qryptal.com) in case you require any help.

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