Ensuring Document Security Across Distributed Environments with Qryptal Secure Code System (QSCS)

Safeguarding HR Documents: Qryptal’s Innovative Approach

A Solution Designed for Streamlined Document Security with a Special Focus on Human Resources Function

Background & Challenge

Large organizations operating across multiple cities and geographies face the significant task of managing various documents issued by different branch offices. This becomes more pronounced in certain areas for example within the Human Resources (HR) function.

Examples of HR Documents:

  • Job offer letters

  • Employment certificates

  • Achievement Certificates

Challenges with Decentralized Issuances:

  • No centralized real-time record of documents

  • Difficulty verifying the validity of documents (e.g., for prospective employees)

  • Enforcing corporate standards for various document types

Centralized systems can be slow to respond to ever-changing business needs, requiring a more flexible solution.

Introduction to Qryptal Secure Code System (QSCS)

QSCS has been trusted by governments and organizations of all sizes since 2015 to secure documents. It’s an adaptable solution that can be integrated with centralized systems or support ad hoc stamping by authorized end users.

QSCS Stamping Workflow:

Creation:Authorized users create documents.

Upload:They log onto QSCS and upload the ready documents.

Stamping:QSCS stamps a unique, secure QR code on each document.

Distribution:Users download the QR coded document and send it off like today. These documents can then be verified on demand.

The workflow for document stamping in QSCSstamping and verification

This process requires minimal training and is compatible with all types of documents, including PDFs. QSCS also maintains an audit trail, ensuring centralized reporting, compliance, and control.

Success Story

One of the leading Inspection, Testing, Certification, and Verification companies in Indonesia has been successfully using QSCS across over 20 offices since early 2020.

An efficient solution

Understanding the complexity and reality of these challenges, Qryptal designed QSCS, a dynamic, efficient, and robust solution for safeguarding HR documents in both centralized and decentralized environments. Embracing the future of secure document management, QSCS ensures security and integrity across diverse organizational structures, making document processes more secure, efficient, and adaptable, regardless of operational scale or complexity.

Dynamic and Robust Solution: Safeguarding HR and other types of documents in centralized and decentralized environments.

Adaptability and Efficiency: Ensuring document security across diverse organizational structures.

Future Vision: Embrace the future of secure document management with QSCS.

By integrating practicality with pioneering technology, QSCS offers a fresh perspective on document security, focusing on adaptability and efficiency. The solution stands as an example of forward-thinking, innovative action that aligns with today’s complex business requirements. Embrace the future of secure document management with QSCS.

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