What is the best way to share data between organizations ?

..Secure QR Code is an answer !

What is the best way to share data between organizations?

Recently we came across this thread on twitter

What’s the issue here?

It seems when the customer placed the order with the food delivery app - Swiggy, the customer details were automatically shared by Swiggy with MyGate which is the app for apartment/building access. This was done for “convenience” so that the delivery person could be let in after cross-checking the delivery details at the gate but in the process, the customer sensitive data was shared with MyGate by Swiggy without letting the customer know. It was natural for a privacy-conscious individual to get upset about this.

This is an example of a system to system integration where there is a dedicated pipe between one service provider and another service provider or utility is getting information without the consent of the person whose information is being shared in the name of convenience, speed or some other reason. But this can raise a lot of issues too

What controls does the service provider have to protect this data? Are they or their staff monetizing the same by selling the information to a third party? Is there respect for individual preferences in terms of taking consent before sharing information.

In today’s world where information is critical, it is imperative that the individual should have control over their own data. In a worst-case situation mishandling of this information can even be a personal safety & security risk.

Is there a better way?

In our opinion, there is a better way to share the information which takes into account individual concerns of privacy and data security without compromising on the trust and functionality needed for smooth operations and processing.

Enter Qryptal Secure QR Codes

With Qryptal there is no need to share details automatically between service providers. The details are captured in the form of a secure QR code which can be scanned to verify the information and process the transaction. In this example, Swiggy would generate an invoice with the order details including the information which the customer has given for delivery. Now when the delivery person reaches the apartment, the code can be scanned by an app (it can even be MyGate app) to verify the information and allow the person to make the delivery

sys2sys image

secure QR image

This way the customer is happy their information is secure and only with the service provider to whom it has been provided voluntarily. At the same time, there is no inconvenience in the processing or delivery experience. It’s a different vision - where the data is shared on a case by case basis and only locally as needed.

Doesn’t this sound like a win-win where you get the benefits of using modern technology but without its risks of data security and compromise on privacy?

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