Infographic: 6 Point guide to selecting best QR Code Solution

  • Rajesh Soundararajan
  • Aug 13, 2019
  • 2 min read
Infographic: 6 Point guide to selecting best QR Code Solution

The Ultimate guide for qr code solutions | Does the proposed QR code solution meet these criteria ?

6-point Guide to Selecting the Best QR Code Solution

There are many ways to secure documents. Secure QR Code as a solution is fast catching up and we had recently shared with you the 8-reasons why customers are moving towards QR code based document security.

With the increasing popularity of QR codes as a solution in this regard, organizations must do their due diligence in ensuring all important aspects have been considered including adequate scalability, without compromising on the effectiveness and efficiencies. In many cases, the documents generated may be verified after weeks, months, years and even decades. In such a scenario, what steps should be taken to ensure that the right QR code solution is chosen. Here is your checklist -

Does the proposed solution meet these criteria?

  1. The right QR Code solution should be based on an advanced and high strength encryption plus digital signature technology (PKI) that makes the qr code tamper-proof and verifiable. Some documents in particular (such as education degrees and marksheets) are used over decades and so it is important to get the QR code security right and future proof.

  2. It should work seamlessly for both printed and electronic versions of the certificates and documents. This is important because in today’s digital world documents are primarily exchanged through electronic means and it is neither practical or desirable to link any verification feature to the document’s physical attributes.

  3. Practically speaking, it should be easy to validate on an ad-hoc basis by anyone with a simple smartphone app, anywhere.

  4. Ideally, one should be able to validate even offline without network connectivity.

  5. There should be absolutely no access or dependency on the organization’s central database for validation thus making it efficient and keeping the IT systems secure and hack-proof. In addition, there should not be any URL inside the QR code which makes it vulnerable for phishing attacks.

  6. This should be affordable so that this does not lead to significant additional upfront costs paid by users and reduces the barrier to adoption. Ideally, it should be only a small fee per document for all the certificates/documents that an organisation generates. It should also be easy to set up - and fit seamlessly with any/current document generation system.


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