Secure QR Code technology now enables Universities to issue degrees that can be verified globally

Infographic: The Degree Factory

The Scourge of Degree Factories - A headache in the field of Education

The education industry in the world has to deal with yet another problem. There has been an exponential growth in the number of fake universities and fake degrees from these institutions and this number is continuously growing. Educators primarily and even the people at large are unaware of the magnitude of the problem. This crisis is not just affecting educators and educational institutions, but even the employers, and society at large.

  • Number of unrecognized universities worldwide, many outright fakes, that sell bachelor’s, master’s, doctorates, law, and medical degrees - exceed 3,300

  • Over 450,000 degrees are sold by just one international diploma mill, with offices in Europe and the Middle East. Their revenues were more than US$450,000

  • An estimated 50,000 fake PhDs bought each year from diploma mills. The irony is that real earned PhD degrees in the United States are only 40,000 each year !

  • Twenty-five years ago, the US Congressional committee estimated the number of fake doctors at around 5,000. Imagine that number now !

  • For a paltry $2400, you can get an MBA degree with a ‘Bachelor’s thrown in’ in the USA by some of the ‘agencies’ based on investigative reports


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