How can you be sure that your COVID-free certificates are trustworthy?

A unique solution for COVID testing laboratories

How can you be sure that your COVID-free certificates are trustworthy?

COVID-19 has given a new business opportunity as well as raised a challenge for testing laboratories. On one side it allows them to be part of the solution with their ability to do the testing, while on the other hand, the increased demand is creating new problems for this community. The three realities today

We believe that a globally accepted and proven solution for trustworthy Covid 19 test and antibody reports which can be verified easily and on demand will benefit every country, the citizens and public health authorities alike when stepping up efforts to tackle and control the spread of disease.

COVID-19 test reports & Immunity Certificates are becoming a reality

Typically - soon after the lockdown is lifted, travellers, factory and essential workers, office staff etc are required to have COVID-19 certificates to carry on normal activities and sometimes even for rejoining the workforce. The people and business movement not just within but between countries also require a COVID-19 negative certificate.

Fake ‘COVID-19 test certificates’, spreading faster than the disease

This need for quick certificates has created the right conditions for unscrupulous elements to step in, and this is how the fake certificate syndicates thrive. These syndicates claim to “speed up” the queue and assure immediate certificates or even provide these at a much lower cost. They take advantage of this demand-supply gap. There are instances where they even resort to advertisements on social media for easier and better accessibility and less traceability. Once a potential customer makes contact, they either collect “real samples” or sometimes even bypass that (!!) and promise to deliver the certificate by email or by post - all for a fee. They prepare fake reports based on their own observations of the patients’ symptoms or going by their declarations and urgency.

This is what laboratories can do for maintaining the trustworthiness of their test results

Making the COVID-19 reports, tamper-proof has become crucial, and this puts immense pressure on the genuine certificate issuers like authorised laboratories to ensure that there is credibility to the certificates that they issue. They must ensure that the certificates issued are secure, tamperproof and easily verifiable - either in physical or in electronic/digital formats.

The output report must be verifiable without compromising individual privacy and without the need for any database dependencies. Hundreds and thousands of certificates issued by labs need to be verified by third-party government and non-government agencies for various purposes. It could be travel, school admissions, immigration, entry into restricted areas or designated areas and so on.

A simple, proven and efficient solution to your problems

Secure QR code is a highly sophisticated technology that combines military-grade cryptography with a PKI mechanism to allow simple day to day documents to have security and instant verification using ubiquitous QR code. PKI based Secure QR code enabled certificates allow de-centralised validation, without complicated and expensive technologies like hyperledger or blockchain and artificial intelligence. You can use a dedicated smartphone app to validate such a document or even use web validation mechanisms in all of which the verifier would just need to scan the QR code and check the output to assure themselves that it comes from an authorised issuer. This entire system uses a standard public key-private key combination with appropriate levels of security and encryption.

This is how it works - Simple three steps

  • The issuing entity carries out the tests and issues the health certificate just as before but with an embedded secure QR code that stores the details on the ‘certificate’ itself. This certificate can be in an electronic or a physical format.

  • These secure codes are digitally signed by the private key of the issuer to make sure that they can only be generated by authorised entities and are tamper-proof.

  • The QR code on the certificate is scanned by an App which carries the corresponding public key to validate the information and present it to the verifier.

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