Top 4 Myths about QR Codes

QR Codes, while popular, come with its own set of myths

Top 4 Myths about QR Codes

In our last post, we covered the 10 amazing uses of QR Codes in the Industry. However there are many myths associated with QR Codes. Here are the top four. We will demystify each of them.

1) Myth # 1: QR Code is just a fad that would go away

No doubt, many marketers are using QR Code in their marketing material without much detailed thought. Since it makes access to complicated URLs and landing pages easier, and can be scanned by any mobile phone, marketers do overuse them.

Having said that QR Codes are increasingly being used for a variety of things from payments to document security to authentication. The very fact that mobile phone penetration is high and every mobile phone can read QR Codes is a reason good enough to revisit this myth. After all, marketers are foretellers of the next big thing.

2) Myth # 2: Is QR Code just a simple URL redirection mechanism

QR Codes were introduced in manufacturing. Subsequently they became an important marketing tool to redirect users to a web page without the need for typing out the URL. But today you can do a lot more. You can make instant payments in a store, much like NFC. That is just one of the many uses. You can secure also your chequebooks to have your marksheets & transcripts embedded with that small code for authentication purposes.

3) Myth # 3: A central authority or organisation controls the issuance of QR Codes

No, QR Code is an open ISO standard and anyone can generate these as desired using open source and commercial solutions. Today they are being used across industries and verticals as mentioned above. You can read the blog “10 Amazing uses of QR Codes in industry” below.

4) Myth # 4: There are a limited number of QR Codes and we will soon run out of them

There is no such danger. We have an almost infinite supply of QR Codes. Detailed explanation is available here

In case you have come across any more concerns, please write to us and we will answer them in our next post.

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