Next Three Myths about QR Codes [Part 2]

QR Codes while popular, come with its own set of myths. Here are new myths on QR Code vs NFC, security and phishing

Next 3 Myths about QR Codes.

In our earlier post, we covered the top 4 myths associated with QR Code Security. In this post we will add three more.

Myth # 5: QR Codes Are Less Useful Than NFC

NFC (Near-Field Communications, a short-range wireless technology) is hardware based technology which requires embedding the NFC chip in devices. On the other hand - QR Codes are images which can be programmatically printed on both physical material as well as electronic. On a practical front, while NFC may appear to be the better solution for some use cases, it is far more complex to embed into devices and keep them updated. NFC cannot match the flexibility and lower costs of QR Codes. By using QR Codes, which can be accessed with any device having a camera, instead of NFC, which requires a chip and can only be used on the newest generation of devices, one can expand the target audience manifold. So our recommendation is to use QR Codes unless the use case requires a hardware based solution for faster reads (eg. mass transit) or anti-cloning.

Myth # 6: QR Codes Have No Security

QR Code is a visual data file. Just like any data file on your computer - it can be made secure by adding a layer of encryption and/or digital signatures. For example you can add password protection to a zip or PDF file - similarly you can make QR Codes secure by using a solution like Qryptal or adding encryption on your own to the data stored inside a QR Code.

Myth #7: QR codes can be used to launch phishing attacks

If the QR Code contains a URL - then yes, it can be used for phishing attacks leading to all kinds of data and privacy issues. This is why at Qryptal we recommend never using URLs in QR Codes when security is needed. More information is available here

While QR codes will continue to be treated like most other technology pieces – with skepticism. Remember the early days of Telephone, Computer or SMS or even a mobile phone. Who would use this ten year from now was the question and in all cases they have become mainstream and have been innovated into something bigger? Just because a few people are not raving about technology doesn’t mean that they’re not using it.

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