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It is going to be exciting at the GITEX Technology Week 2019. Qryptal’s core theme at GITEX is all about Reimagining Document Security.

Qryptal provides an easy to deploy, scalable solution to prevent tampering and enable instant verification of your electronic and printed documents. A proven QR code based security solution utilising state of the art cryptography and compression to make your documents easily verifiable by anyone - without exposing databases and one that works even without network, with offline validation!

You can deploy the Qryptal solution in-house or on the cloud and start securing all documents: certificates, licenses, permits, IDs, account statements, invoices, purchase orders, reports, cheques, payslips and HR documents.

At GITEX 2019, we will be introducing, Qryptal Secure Code System 2.0, the simplest and easiest way yet, to add secure QR codes to your documents enabling instant validation by third parties.

This solution can be used across functions and industries - Human Resources, Finance, Education & Training, Testing and Laboratories, Healthcare, Government and Banking

Some of the critical features of the newly launched Qryptal Secure Code System 2.0 product would be

  • Launched Exclusively during GITEX (6-10 October) with Lowest Lifetime Ownership Costs
  • On-premise streamlined package that provides for:
    • Unlimited securing of documents with Qryptal Secure Codes
    • Easy validation with the Qryptal Validation server included in the package for web based validation

Of course, it comes with the following key benefits of Qryptal secure QR code solutions

  1. Makes the documents tamper proof and fake proof with the QR code digitally signed by the issuing organisation’s private key
  2. Key information can be validated offline
  3. No maintenance, no database. Once the QR code is placed on the document - its all done !
  4. No URL means no phishing attacks
  5. Works for both electronic and printed documents
  6. Privacy is protected for the document issuing organisation as well as document holder.
  7. Easy integration with document generation systems and for validation and processing

At Qryptal, we have always kept the solutions simple, secure and affordable and our launch at GITEX will be another step in that direction.

We look forward to seeing you there at our stand, H1-C23, located in the Singapore Pavilion.

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