Forging Salary Certificates for loans?

This can be stopped with document security QR codes

Forging salary certificates for loans?

This can be stopped with document security QR codes

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When Kuwait police unearthed a scam of forging salary certificates for availing a loan, they were not alone. From Kuwait to Kuala Lumpur, from Kolkata to Kansas - forging salary certificates is a widely prevalent global phenomenon.

Forging of salary certificates and payslips are one of the easiest ways one is able to secure loans by demonstrating a far higher financial standing. This mode of falsifying documents is affecting financial institutions across the world.

It is estimated that a majority of retail loans have been issued based on inflated or non-existent income for salaried individuals. These have the potential of becoming bad debts and the borrowers are unable to pay the installments in many cases. In almost all cases, it started with a forged salary certificate/document at some point.

What can you do as organizations and institutions, issuing payslips and salary certificates?

If you’re an organization that issues thousands of certificates every month or payslips in either digital or physical formats to employees, it is time you look at simple, effective and easy to implement approaches like QR code-based document security in such payslips and certificates

This simple mechanism ensures that you have exercised your due diligence, at the point of issue of payslips, that can subsequently be verified by third parties for authenticity with little or no further requirement of resources from you.

Making such documents tamperproof with a mechanism for easy authentication, not only saves the financial agencies from issuing false loans and debts but more importantly, protects the brand and reputation of your organization. And, because of such a simple measure that you are taking at an organization level, it is quite possible that the creditworthiness of your employees and hence the brand potential of your entire organization is enhanced for financial institutions.

But then why should the Human Resources Function Care? There is an icing!

Imagine the time, money and resources you employ to authenticate salary checks for your new hires. Imagine the number of time salary slips are tampered and thus you end up paying higher salaries due to competitive pressures. And even if you find out due to background checks, it means some effort and cost and may sometimes be too late. Imagine the power of scanning a simple QR code on a payslip of your prospective candidate’s previous employer and immediately validating the authenticity. Now imagine you starting the trend and putting this on your documents.

What could you do to have QR code-based document security?

QR code-based document security is very simple and effective for both online and off-line documentation, including payslips and salary certificates. At Qryptal, we can make this transformation seamless and easy. You can contact us for a quick demo at or

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