Scam Alert - 105 fake doctors detected in Mumbai !

And how Secure QR Code can help fix this problem

In a recent case of detection of fake doctors, in Maharashtra, India, 105 doctors were found guilty of submitting false documents to the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) This is a severe blow and one of the most significant such cases that we have come across.

Doctors/medical professionals hold a very responsible position in the society and are accountable for saving lives of thousands of people each year. When this trust is shaken it could reach have far-reaching implications for the community at large.

How does the State Medical Council plan to address this ?

The authority has decided, from now on, certificates of practice given to doctors will have individual QR codes printed on them, for authenticity.

“Printing a QR code on the certificate will help curb illegal practices. It will help identify the doctor by their registered data within minutes,” said an official.

Snapshot of news related to the problem

Are all QR Code solutions the same ?

In an earlier bog Infographic: 6 Point guide to selecting best QR Code Solution, we shared with you the six key steps to choosing the right QR code solution. A doctor’s certificate is used over years and often decades, and so it is essential to get the QR code security right and future proof so that the credentials can be validated instantly and people have trust in them. In our view, all QR code solutions are NOT the same. It is crucial that the MMC looks at the following -

  1. Have an advanced and high strength encryption plus digital signature technology (PKI) that makes the QR code tamper-proof and verifiable

  2. Solution that works seamlessly for both printed and electronic documents

  3. Easy to validate instantly on an ad-hoc basis

  4. Able to verify by any patient/officer even offline without network connectivity

  5. Should have no access or dependency on the MMC’s central database

  6. Affordable without significant additional upfront costs

The Qryptal advantage

With Qryptal’s smart and proven document security solutions, you can make electronic and printed documents tamper-proof and easily verifiable by third parties with full privacy, without sharing any databases and even without a network – offline. You can use this in a range of situations to prevent fraud in medical certificates, medical records, government-issued identification documents, permits, licenses, bank account statements, cheques, trade finance documents, invoices and receipts, reports of certification and testing agencies - just to name a few use cases.

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