Never ever lose money again to fake ticket rackets

Are Fake tickets plaguing your Event sales revenues? Here is how you can fix it

Imagine this situation:

You work enthusiastically to sell tickets to a spectacular event. You start working long before the event actually takes place, getting down to every level of detail trying to make it an overwhelming experience that your audience/attendees will remember for a long time. The last thing you need is for your plans to get disrupted by unscrupulous elements showing up with fake tickets on the eve of the event, causing a nuisance to those holding genuine tickets.

Ticketing fraud is affecting businesses more than before. It makes authentic fans suffer. They are either denied entry even after holding genuine tickets or are duped into paying extortionate amounts for fake tickets (both these maybe instrumental in turning them ‘off’ from the live experience in future) while introducing security threats for event managers.

With rapid development of technology over the last decade, internet scams and ticketing ‘bots’ have increased, engaging in “web touting” to entice the audience to buy fake tickets leading to their disappointment and causing chaos in general. This has also left the event managers red-faced and the fraudsters pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars before they disappear In thin air.

Overview of The Fake Ticketing Problem in the event Industry

Ticketing fraud is estimated to affect more than 5 million people, each year in the US alone. Just see this article below

Fake Concert Tickets Fraud

A simple Google search will throw up hundreds of links like Fake Concert Ticket Generator. People buy tickets to live events online and as you would expect this fraud has spread to epidemic proportions with web-based ticketing— shows that the magnitude of fraud is 200% more prevalent than what existed in physical tickets. The urgency and need for solutions are critical today than at any time in the past.

Challenges for businesses

In current day and age, you must have your potential customers be able to purchase and verify an online ticket instantly. You cannot curtail your distribution channels to physical counters where you can exercise tighter control. The fans should be able to trust the ticketing system and have a smooth user friendly experience during the whole process of purchase, verification and final use

What should your solution look like?

Any solution to tackle this problem should have the following main components

  1. You will need a solution that your ticket buyers can trust.

  2. It should work for both printed and electronic tickets

  3. Only the event organiser can generate the original tickets , and once generated, such tickets can’t be tampered or modified in an unauthorised manner by anyone else

  4. Allows for easy one-step verification by the ticket buyer

Enter Secure QR Code - Event Tickets that stop Ticket Fraud

A solution like a QR code which can be scanned to see the details appears to be a good solution. However a word of caution. The current regular QR Code solutions directly print a QR Code image of what exists on the ticket and this can be easily manipulated to show some other information . They are neither secure nor tamper proof . Moreover, they do not necessarily work in both physical and electronic formats. What is needed is something which seals the information securely at the time of capture and then can’t be tampered.

Qryptal Secure QR Advantage

Qryptal’s Secure QR Code Ticket generation system helps to address this problem by making sure that all tickets are generated centrally by the authorised issuer and the information on each of them is captured in theform of a Qryptal Secure QR code which is placed on the ticket itself before it gets printed either physically or electronically. Also, the Secure QR code will have the digital signature of the issuing organisation so that unauthorised modifications can be identified and stopped. Such a ticket can be validated easily at different checking points where it is presented

A sample of a Ticket with Qryptal Secure QR code encapsulating the details is shown here. On scanning the Secure QR code, all the details contained inside it are visible for verification.

Secure QR code embedded Event TicketSecure QR Code embedded Event Ticket and its verification

Having this kind of a system will ensure that the fake tickets are easily identified and genuine ticket holders can enjoy the event in peace. This will stop revenue leakage and mitigate reputation risk for the organisers. Overall it promises to be a win win situation for the fans, organisers and artists/players/participants.

To learn more about Secure Encrypted QR Code Generation – click here

How does this Secure QR solution work?

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