How To: Active Directory on Steroids with Secure QR Integration

A simple step-by-step approach to integrating Active Directory with Secure QR Codes

QR Codes are everywhere. They’re on your business card, employee ID badge, driver’s license, or National ID card like India’s Aadhaar. You might not realize it, but QR Codes are the new standard in identity verification, and they’re only growing in popularity.

With Secure QR + Active Directory (AD) integration, you can turn any existing ID system into an up-to-date & verifiable identification mechanism —and make it easier for customers & employees to access necessary details, which can increase trust and help in more efficient information processing.


  1. You can create a secure QR Code for every Active Directory element that gets printed electronically or physically. E.g., on an ID card.

  2. This can be secured with a digital signature using a private key that is equivalent to RSA 3072-bit and encoded into a QR code that is tamperproof and integrated with the Active Directory.

  3. Once secured, the content/ identity/ permissions can be made tamperproof while also helping in validation. At the same time, the information thus contained can be revoked, extended, or updated.

Secure QR Codes are a great way to store information that can be used for verification-on-demand. They’re fast, simple, and convenient for any use case with Active Directory. There are many advantages of linking secure QR Code technology with Active Directory. Still, they can be summed up in one word: security.

By integrating AD with secure QR, you’ll be able to securely manage your employee data in one place and make sure it’s always current and up-to-date. This means you won’t have to worry about employees’ identities being outdated or having incorrect information when you need it most.

Secure QR Code Integration with Active Directory


Secure QR can provide flexible integration options with Active Directory and can easily be configured to your existing systems. There are three kinds of integration options :

  1. Secure QR Code Only : The Qryptal Generator is integrated with the Active Directory via APIs to fetch the relevant information to be secured and a digitally signed QR code-graphic image file is returned, which your document production system can utilised to be placed on documents such as ID cards etc. In addition, the Qryptal Generator delivers an option of different code sizes to enable more natural incorporation and avoid error-prone image resizing, which provides the highest level of flexibility.

  2. Finished Document PDF (not available for on-premise) : This requires creating a document template and importing it into the Qryptal Generator, after which both the code and a finished document with variable data will be created. This option is helpful if you do not already have such a system, as it can be used for ID cards.

  3. On-demand or Bulk Processing options can be printed as an ID card and provides an end-user user interface for your users to create secure documents on-demand or on a bulk batch basis.


There are four validation options available:

  1. Document Validator App: Requiring only a customer’s public key to access a secure QR code, this app provides complete privacy for all data exchanged between two parties.

  2. Custom App/Existing App: Embed Qryptal’s validation functionality within your mobile app using our SDK.

  3. Web validation: a verification subdomain is set up (example : under the issuer’s control. The QR codes can be verified here by uploading as an image or PDF or using the browser camera to scan the QR code directly.

  4. Qryptal Validation Server (QVS): You can upload image files to QVS using an API. QVS will return the appropriate secure QR Code details that you can use in any way you choose.

How can you change information that is already printed as a QR code? Here’s how

Secure information is embedded into a QR code, and the QR code is printed on a physical document or in electronic format. Then, the verifier scans the QR code and gets the specific information intended to be read by the recipient.

Updation of information in secure QR

Updating information in secure QR

Now — what if the status or content of the information has since changed? For example, a change in the department of the employee? There is an answer. Such new information is updated in the active directory at the back end, which is linked to the same QR code that is already issued and can be physically printed on a document or issued in electronic format. When the verifier scans the existing QR code on the already distributed document, the next time after the change, they get the updated information that is now intended to be read by the recipient. This is called QR updating and serves a beneficial purpose.

Where can such an active directory-linked QR code feature be used ?

There are many possibilities. Some examples are

  • The identity cards of employees need to be verified by external stakeholders (customers, other officials, etc.) so that they can trust the person they are dealing with.

  • Access cards for designated areas - only certain employees are supposed to have access to some relevant regions for high security and confidentiality reasons.

Organizations can use Active Directory integration to create dynamic QR codes. Suppose you are an organization that needs to change the content and information within a QR code on the fly. In that case, this is how you can do it with Active Directory-compatible secure QR codes.

ID card linked to Active Directory

This makes Active Directory with Secure QR an ideal solution for businesses that want to use QR Codes but need more flexibility than what traditional QR Code technology provides.

Secure QR Codes are like steroids to Active Directory. It gives you control over where your data goes.

With Qryptal, you will generate a unique QR Code for each ID card. This code encapsulates all the necessary details of the ID, including photographs. After this, third parties use a free Validator app or a dedicated app to scan and verify the ID details on demand. Suppose the employee details change in the active directory - for example - if the services are terminated, the information on the Active Directory is updated and the QR code on the ID card when scanned, will reflect the updated status accordingly, and any verifier can check this.

How can you quickly verify an ID?

Today with sophisticated software, fake IDs can be created anywhere in the world with scanners and printers. Physical security features like watermarks and holograms are effective only if the verifier knows what is supposed to be on the genuine documents (e.g., difficult for third parties to know that your documents from 2016 used a specific hologram). In addition, blockchain or other highly complex technology sounds good in theory but makes it challenging to roll out such IDs.

Qryptal QR helps to have an identity-verification platform that delivers blockchain-like security in a physical, digital format. With Qryptal, organizations generate a unique QR code for each Active Directory Entry. This code contains all the critical information on the card: photo, email ID, name, etc. Then third parties can use a free Validator app to scan and verify these details on demand.

How can you generate an ID with secure QR and quickly verify it?

generation of secure QR code linked to active directory

The solution, when integrated, gives you the following benefits

Qryptal offers a simple and secure method of generating & validating ID cards using the customers' mobile devices.

  1. It allows easy integration with existing ID card production systems, providing complete card life-cycle management, including revocation/updation.

  2. An easy-to-use QR code on the card will allow any verifier to validate the authenticity of an ID card by simply scanning it with the Qryptal app on their smartphone or other devices.

  3. All round security and privacy are ensured with digital signature verification performed by the app on the device itself.

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