10 amazing uses of QR Codes in industry that you may never have guessed

QR Codes today have some amazing uses in the industry.

10 amazing uses of QR Codes in industry, that you may have not known.

As you may have observed, QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes and are much more useful than standard barcodes. QR codes can store (and digitally present) much more data, including URL links, geo coordinates, and text for the same size, compared to regualr 2D barcodes. A big advantage of QR Codes is that instead of requiring a chunky hand-held scanner to scan them, almost all modern cell phones can scan them with the use of a simple app/QR reader. Also, QR codes are based on an open standard so anyone can use them and modify the security and information packing as per the use case and requirements.

Hence it is not surprising that the use of QR codes has proliferated in the last few years. They are already used in

1) Advertising and Marketing: Advertisers and marketers were one of the very first adopters of QR Code. Remember those ugly looking black images in the storefront grabbing your attention. Usually, they would use the QR code to embed a URL link and direct you to the website for a video or to fill out a form for a contest or survey.

2) Invoices, Billing: It is a common practice today, to see invoices and bills with a QR code. This helps in logistics hubs and delivery agents to scan the details. What used to be simple barcode earlier, has slowly transformed into QR codes that carry more information than any regular barcode can have.

3) BankingAccount Statements, Cheque books, Trade Finance Documents: QR codes are now very commonly used in the financial services industry/banking. A QR Code embedded in bank documents helps capture the data for easy tracking and verification. You can download your free banking white paper here.

4) Mobile Payments: Much as we speak about banking, the most aggressive growth in the use of QR Code has happened in Payment Systems. Possibly due to the scale-up limitations in hardware devices and the slow take-off of NFC, QR Codes have filled the space with the likes of PayTM, Google Pay, Phone Pe or Amazon Pay(in India) who help enable phone based secure payments with a QR code. But all these trail the biggest of them all - Wechat and Alipay which popularised the use of QR codes in payments like never before. In China, since everyone is on either of these platforms, the user just needs to scan the specific QR code at the designated merchant and make the payment from any mobile phone.

5) HR and Payroll: While this is not used much today, this holds the greatest potential with payslips being made secure and. The idea is that QR codes would be with the pay slips and capture important information like employee name and salary and other critical information which can be used for verification and processing for different requirements such as loan applications, visas, etc.

6) InsurancePolicy Documents, Membership Cards, Medical Claims: Policy documents today have a QR code link that takes the customer to the website that will help them download the policy details. So is the case with membership cards. However the use can be expanded with secure QR codes to cover premium payments and other transactions for better customer experience and satisfaction

7) Governmentand General ID Cards, Passports, Visas, Driving Licence, Aadhaar card, Tax IDs: The adoption of QR code in Government IDs has seen some progress. However, the same has not been the case for visas and passports. In all cases, the level of security embedded in these is currently such that they can’t be checked easily by all concerned. Hence there is scope for misuse and tampering. Secure QR codes can help in this regard.

8) Healthcare- Lab Reports and Medical Bills: Lab and medical reports can use QR codes to encrypt the data on the report so that they can be used with full trust and confidence and issues of bogus health insurance and fake reimbursements/claims can be avoided

9) Documents of Certification and Testing Agencies, Statutory Certificates: Testing agencies and organizations can use the QR code to capture the critical components of the information on the certificates that can be scanned and verified by third parties. - You can download a free whitepaper for this industry here

10) Education University Degrees and Transcripts: One of the best uses of the QR code is to have QR code based transcripts and degrees (both the physical and electronic versions) to enable verifiers to quickly & easily authenticate educational credentials of the candidate.

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